Generator controller with Synchronization: DG Synchronizing Panel System to be Start DG as per required load, basically it can be operated By Auto Mode and Manual Mode, as per required Load we can change Consumption mode it Night Made and Day Mode. In Night production is very less so we activate 125 KVA DG, but in Day Mode load is much more than night so we activate 250 KVA DGS, In day Mode first and second DG 250 KVA will start and if load in field is more than automatically 3rd DG 250 KVA will be start automatically start and sync and start load sharing with already running two DGs. In Case we want to operated DG DY Manual mode, in this mode you start DG one By one through push bottom on controller and close breaker from DG controller button or from PCC panel. If you start 2nd DG in this mode then at the time of breaker closing from DG controller button it will sync before closing breaker.

AMF SYSTEM: The abbreviation of AMF IS Auto Mains failure, it means if the main supply will fail then AMF panel will start DG but main conditions DG Sync controller should be in AUTO mode and in healthy condition

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